August 21, 2010

Rules were made to be broken - another late WHY post

Okay. Here we are. Um, my dog ate my blog post before I could hit "save." I think. Or it could've been that whole alien abduction thing that happened to me...not sure which. You go ahead and choose the excuse you like and that'll be the one we'll go with. K? K.

Here are my "whys" for this week, albeit a tad late.

What? Was I just supposed to reach down my dog's throat and pull out the cyberbytes he was so happily devouring with his cute puppyish face (or hop off the alien examination table in the middle of my rather uncomfortable session of poking and prodding, depending on which excuse you went with earlier)? Well, okay then. Here we go.

**** WHY elevator music? Why not simply a local radio station or a CD being played on a repeating loop? I mean, who decided that Guns-N-Roses would sound divine on a harpsichord? I mean, seriously, come on people.

**** WHY is life backwards? I mean, why do we waste naps on the young (who don't want them) instead of giving them to the folks who NEED them (like say, moms, or third grade teachers)? WHY is it that you try to mind-meld a time warp in order to speed up time when you're younger and then feel that the world is whipping by at breakneck speed when you hit your thirties? WHY must you gain all the knowledge/wisdom as you age, and then when you possess it, the only good it'll do is to pass it along to a young preteen/teenager (possibly your own) who will think much the same way you did at his/her age ("Mom's so lame"), ignore it, and have to make all the same stupid mistakes you made in order to gain the SAME knowledge/wisdom you just tried to cram into their head? WHY do the little people of the world (i.e., toddlers and preschoolers, and even most kindergarten-goers) have the energy of FIFTY-FIVE THOUSAND ATOMIC BOMBS, while their mothers are left with the energy of a moss-covered sloth? Doesn't that just seem backwards to you?

**** WHY am I having such a hard time getting my butt into a regular blogging routine? Stay tuned for the answer to that one...I'm about to ****GASP**** post twice in ONE NIGHT! Holy Moly! What can I say, I'm on a productive streak now that my Adderall has kicked in.

NOW - your turn. Ya'll aren't playing well. I've only had a single "WHY" left for me (thanks Elaine)! Come on - leave me a few "whys" - I'd love to hear what rattles around your brain from time to time!


Sofia said...

WHY does my oldest son has to bug his little brother! It only happens when J is having fun all by himself and is quiet and not needing to be on mommy's arms! WHY!!!

From PDX with Love

Malin (MomtheBomb) said...

OMG, isn't THAT the truth?? My dear Chore Fairy Jr. often does the same thing, but in all fairness to her, it's simply her preteen cluelessness kicking in and not necessarily an intentional attack on the young T-Man, but it's still ANNOYING AS HADES!!!