September 1, 2010

Holy Cow Ya'll - A New Post!

Well whatda-you know, I'm actually posting on a WEDNESDAY as originally scheduled/planned/guestimated to do roughly a month ago!! Woo-hoo! FINALLY, right? 

I know.

Bad girl. 

Bad, bad girl am I. 

It's not like I couldn't post because I was at a huge unveiling of my blog being spotlighted on that fabulous blog, the punk rock mom (you really, really, REALLY should check it out). Too bad I left my camera at home and wasn't able to take pictures of all the glittering celebrities that stopped by our after party. 

Okay, I made that last part up, but you REALLY should check out the punk rock mom's blog - she's totally rockin' and awesome and I'm so full of blog-love for her because she asked a question I could answer ('cause I'm smart like that) and thanks to her, I've now had my very own first "spotlight" done on my blog. So, that answers THAT "why" question (in case you missed it, here it is: Why was MomtheBomb's blog, bless your heart ya'll, in the spotlight on the punk rock mom's blog? 'Cause I somehow psychically knew she was going to be visiting Mt. St. Helens ya'll, that's why. Did I mention I sometimes have psychotic psychic episodes? Yeah, it's totally true. 

Okay, so I'm not sometimes psychotic psychic, but wouldn't it be fun if I were? I could totally head off any problems like rabid groundhogs or those Gawd-awful attacking flying cockroaches (seriously, they really do attack...they aren't simply blindly flying and happen to land on me like KingDaddy says they do, they ATTACK me ya'll). 

Well, that's enough about all that. Know what I want to talk about? My new online BFF/stalker buddy, Sofia over at from PDX with Love. Ya'll, she is SOOOOOOOOO KEWL, so that answers the question, "Uh, why  are you stalking this poor woman?" 'Cause she's KEWL ya'll! You should stalk her too - you won't regret it! (You can thank me later when your server crashes from all the traffic I'm sending your way Sofia! *wink, wink). 

I guess I need to get on with my "Why's" for the week. Well, for the past two weeks. *ahem*

**** Why can't my aliens behave when I need them to behave the most? Why must they be perfect little angels when there is a sub taking care of them and little hellions not-so-darlin' darlin's when they're with me? Could this be another part of their plot to take over the world one teacher at a time by pushing my sanity over the edge, thereby leaving my brain an empty vessel, a clean slate if you will, for them to fill with whatever 8 year old aliens might want to focus on at any particular moment? 

**** Why does my son INSIST on W-H-I-N-I-N-G for his sippy cup of sweet tea when he could just as easily say, "Tea, Mamma?" And yes, I proudly serve my young'un sweet tea - slap me silly and call me Scarlett, but this is the South ya'll, and we Southerners LOVE our sweet tea. You can just put down that phone you're holdin' 'cause calling Children's Services on us ain't gonna do any good - unless there's alcohol in that sweet tea (and no way hozay would I do that - I may take a nip myself, but none for the babes, my friend). 

**** Why do Huggies diapers have those little Box Tops labels to cut out on their regular daytime diapers, but not on the uber-expensive night-time diapers? What gives "Huggies? Why aren't they on both?

**** Why did my father-in-law buy a brand new truck with every bell and whistle known to man ya'll, including the SYNC thingy, a USB port, heated seats, and pedals and seats that SET THEMSELVES when you put the key in (no lie ya'll) when he can barely operate a standard cell phone (a plain jane one without all the TV, the bluetooth, the camera, the Internet browser, etc.)?

**** Why does my family insist on ignoring me (for the most part) EXCEPT when I'm on the phone? What's up with that? It's like some sort of weird radar that goes off, "Oooh!! She's on the phone!! She's on the PHONE!!! Let's go talk/whine/cry/scream to/near/at her!!"

****Oh, wait, another "why" related to the one above: Why does my entire family steer clear of me (for the most part) except when I'm in our mouse-hole-sized kitchen trying to fix dinner? I mean, even the dog gets in on the act, standing RIGHT UNDER MY FEET AT EVERY TURN. Poor dog - he's so old that he can barely, BARELY see and he's as deaf as a doorknob, or bedpost, or whatever that saying is. He's deaf, end of story, so hollering at him doesn't do any good...which leads to my next question...

**** Why do I holler at my dog, either to get out of the way or to "come here Sweetie," when I know full-well that poor thing can't hear a rabid groundhog attacking his sister dogs, Sissy and Lu-Lu (no lie ya'll, we think a really mean groundhog got into a fight with the girls, but that's another story for another day)?

Well, I really should be getting to bed. I've been MIA on Facebook, Twitter, and of course, here. Just struggling with a few personal issues ya'll - nothin' I can't handle, but you know how it is...sometimes life just swallows you right up and it takes you a moment or two (or a week or two) to get your bearings back in order. Just do me a favor and include me in your little prayers or yoga mantras or whatever it is that floats your boat...and I'll be back soon with more incredible musings and ideas. Okay. Whatever. I'll be back to chat soon. ;) 

Ta-Ta for Now! Big Smooch to ya'll!