January 27, 2010

uh, sorry...i hadn't noticed...

I can't stinkin' believe all the stuff that goes unnoticed around here - by me, by Kingdaddy, by ChoreFairy Jr....okay, T.Man is off the hook since he's not even 2 yet, but sheesh!

1. I'm all smart and pattin' myself on the back for ordering these nifty grocery sack holder-thingies that loop around your car's headrest. I'm thinking, "I am SO smart - this will help SO much when we do our massive, almost bankrupt-us trips to Wal-Mart." I head out to the SUV today to install them - guess what? I don't HAVE headrests. DUH!

2. All I hear about is how cluttered our house is (it is) and how we have too much stuff (we do) and not enough places to put it (again, true too), so I decide to impress Kingdaddy by cleaning out the computer desk and trying to eek out a little space inside and outside said desk. I spend roughly 2/3 of my Sunday doing it (because T.Man INSISTED on being in the middle of everything, so there were lots of tears [T.Man's, not mine] and the occasional frustrated not-so-nice-verbiage [mine, not's]), I manage to outdo myself on the drawers and even opened up lots of space for our feet underneath the desk and most importantly, found a place to store our no-longer-needed-but-let's-hold-onto-it-in-case-we-have-a-keyboard-emergency keyboard. I'm all smug and feelin' good and when I ask Kingdaddy what he thinks, ya' know what he says? "Oh yeah, it looks good. But I don't really remember what it looked like before." ARRGGGHHH!!! Is that scenario a reasonable excuse for spousal homicide?

3. Chore Fairy Jr. announces that she's done cleaning up her room (and let's be honest, the word "cleaning" is being used very loosely here). MomtheBomb (that's me), enters and immediately spies the following on the floor: one crushed water bottle, one water bottle with a little water left in it, five bottle caps, three dirty socks, paper, more paper, pencils, earrings, one shoe, a bath rag, paper, more paper, and an assortment of books. When MomtheBomb asks about these items, Chore Fairy Jr. gives me the blank, what-on-earth-are-you-talking-about-woman stare, which is shortly followed by, "But it IS clean!"

My conclusion? Housework is something that only gets noticed when it's NOT done.


Anonymous said...

hehe,I've bought things "on sale",non-returnable things that we ABSOLUTELY needed,that would make our(my)lives easier.Only to have our KingDaddy say,"Honey we've got 2 or 3 of those in my toolbox.uhhhhhh

Malin (MomtheBomb) said...

Well, shoot, Hon, who HASN'T done that! LOL I figure I'll be the crazy old dog lady (I like cats, but I LOVE dogs - they are the pure embodiment of unconditional love) with 3 toasters, 10 hairbrushes, and an odd assortment of eating utensils found in every nook and cranny of the house once I've moved on to the big H (that's HEAVEN for those of you wonderin', NOT the other place, thank-you-very-much). Thanks for stopping by - bless your heart for taking the time to post a comment. Please come back often! :)