February 14, 2010

snow sick....uh, no snow...and sick...

Okay, if you live in the vicinity of D.C. or anywhere else that has gotten two BILLION tons of snow in the past two weeks, feel free to kill me now...I'll wait while you cast your voo-doo spells, gnash your teeth, and otherwise do/say unkind things about me and the generations to come after me....done? Okay, good. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I simply MUST vent.

I am an educated person. I know that precision in meteorology is an oxymoron of the largest kind.
HOWEVER, when we've heard the little shephard boy cry "wolf" (or in this case, "SNOW") three (count 'em, THREE) times in less that that many weeks only to get NOTHING or, wait, two flakes, it begins to grate on the nerves and reduces even the most mature adult, such as myself, into a teary-eyed kid of 6 who screams, "That's not fair! We NEVER get snow!"

I WANT MY SNOW. No, I do not want the two billion tons that the East Coast is trying to dig out of - no thank you...I may want snow, but I'm not stupid. But what I do want is enough snow for us, years later, to say, "Remember that really big snow we got in 2010? We made snow ice cream, snow angels, snowmen, and had the best snowball fight ever! Oh, and remember sliding down the hill on our cardboard "sleds?" What fun!"

Instead, what we keep REPEATEDLY getting is "Oh, yeah, it's gonna snow - be prepared. Have your winter weather preparedness plan in place people, it's gonna be a big one," only to wake up to...two flakes. We've already missed two and a half days of school (two of which we have to make up) - personally, I think the weathermen should have to shell out a year's salary to make up for our missed "snow" days of school. Then we'll be even.

To add to it, everyone in our family is sick, 'cept for Kingdaddy. Deep chest coughs, runny noses, fevers...we've got it all. We've got enough antibiotics to choke a herd of horses, yet still we cough and wheeze. How many shots is too many in one week? I've had five this week...and apparently need more. Ugh.

The only thing I think would cure our ill family? A heapin' helping of snow ice cream...which, guess what? The weatherman says we're gonna get it tonight...he doesn't have a clue does he? Bless his heart.

PS. OBVIOUSLY the photo is NOT from my camera, NOT taken on my road, and NOT of the TWO FLAKES we got here in AL. I swiped it from a Photoshop photo editing site:


Jessie Weaver said...

Personally, I never really want snow, but maybe that will change when my daughter is old enough to bug us about it.

I think it's INSANE that schools are canceled before there is a flake on the ground. They've done that in TN too and it's just so stupid--especially since they have to make them up. I grew up in VA, and although we got out for 1/2 an inch, they never canceled until there was actual snow. Just silly.

The Baby Store Plus said...

Hope you didn't get too much hate mail after that post lol. I feel bad for you. I love the snow, moved to Colorado to have a white Christmas every year. If it didn't snow here one year, I might consider moving too.

I feel bad for those not use to a few feet of snow in the winter. We are more prepared here in CO. We own a snow blower and have a plow attached to the front of our pick up...we are never slowed down, too much, by the snow.

I guess I would feel the same as DC residence if we had unusual weather here, like maybe temps reaching 100 degrees for several weeks in the summer. I would really hate that too.

If I could package up some of my snow and ship it to you I would, as would the folks in DC I'm sure.

Enjoying your blog. Even became your first follower! Hopefully your snow will arrive soon, it's not too late!


Malin (MomtheBomb) said...

I guess I'm just a big kid when it comes to snow (okay, fine - I'm a big kid when it comes to LOTS of things, but whatever). :) I love the idea of snow angels, making snowmen, and especially snowball fights! I'm smart enough to know I don't want to live with it day in and day out, but a heavy snow once a year would be heaven to me (and the kids).
I agree that it's INSANEOOOO to cancel school before any weather has even started to show on the horizon - it's just plain nuts. However, I used to live in MS where they N-E-V-E-R (unless someone almost dies) call school off, so out of the two choices (stuck at school with hyperexcited elementary kids vs stuck at home with my blood kin hyperexcited kids...that I am allowed to beat if need be...) I guess I'll take the "err on the side of caution" Alabama way of doing things. :)

Malin (MomtheBomb) said...

Hi Anna!
First, I just must say I feel like I should be gifting you something for being my very first follower. You have no idea how I swooned and swayed the first time I saw I FINALLY had one person interested in my blog, LOL.
Luckily, no hate mail has come my way, but then again, I don't think Scary Mommy has seen my post - she was snowed in for fifty-forevers with her hyperexcited children, so I'm sure she's had more than enough of the white stuff this year.
I went to Colorado once in high school. Beautiful state. Beautiful people - so kind and friendly. I remember walking through the mall with our Mississippi band shirts on and CO folks stopping us and asking us to "say something." They just loved our southern drawl. Of course we looked like total doofuses because as soon as they asked us to say something, our minds went totally blank. :)
You are just so sweet that I feel a cyberhug is in order here: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{ANNA}}}}}}}}}}}}} Thanks so much for the thoughtfulness - if that snow wouldn't end up a big soggy puddle I'd tell you to send it COD! Bless your heart dear and please keep comin' back and commenting! It means the world to me to hear from folks! :)