February 6, 2010

things that make you go hmmmmm....

1. Why does your hair ONLY do EXACTLY what you want it to do when it's dirty (and therefore not shiny and bouncy and really, let's be honest, non-baglady-lookin')?

2. Why does the phone stay silent all day long, but then rings off the hook when you are (a) about to leave the house in a mad dash to get to whereever you said you'd be ten minutes ago or (b) just settled down in the perfect position to complete whatever task(s) it is you do in front of the T.V. since we all know no woman in the world simply watches T.V. - we're multi-taskers by genetic makeup and therefore are not designed to do just one thing at a time, much less something so relatively mindless as watching the latest woman-in-peril Lifetime Movie (which, by the way, my husband LOVES...wonder if that means anything....hmmmm....) and then you have to move all your stuff, trying not to mess up any of your organized chaos in order to jump across the couch to snatch the phone off it's base, only to have the other person on the line hang up?

3. Why do you only remember that you really need to clip the dogs' nails when it's 2am and you are trying desperately to get to the bathroom without waking the baby that is sleeping not-so-soundly in his crib and said dog is tip-tapping behind you, taking two MONUMENTOUS SNIPPETY SNAPPITY steps for your every one?

4. Why can't printer ink be universal? Why must there be twenty-kazillion different make, models, and numbers of ink cartridges that we consumers have to keep track of?  Can't we just make it easy on all of us and have a black cartridge and a colored cartridge and be done with it?

5. Why is it that the only time you run into two billion people that you know is when you've run up to the quick stop for a quart of milk, wearing your "cleaning clothes" (bleached stained t-shirt, baggy sweat pants, slipper socks, crocs), but when you jet by the grocery store after church in your best church attire, you don't even know the cashier who checks you out?

Just thought I'd share a few "why's" - perhaps I'll start doing this on Wednesdays and make it a "Why Wednesdays" regular post.

Why didn't I think of that on a Wednesday instead of a Saturday?


Graphie said...

Hi Malin! I can't believe you have found the time to blog! Good for you! It looks nice, great job. Take care,

Anonymous said...

I can tell you why to all these & more. It is 'cause God has a sense of humor!